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Explain web service protocol stack layers

Web service protocol stack:
A web service protocol is a protocol stack that is used to define, locate, implement, and make Web services interact with each other.

web service protocol stack

A web service protocol stack consists of following four protocols:

  • Transport Protocol: It is responsible for transporting messages between network applications and includes protocols such as HTTP, SMTP, FTP etc.
  • Messaging Protocol: It is responsible for encoding messages in a common XML format so that they can be understood at either end of a network connection. It includes the protocol such as XML-RPC, WS-Addressing, and SOAP.
  • Description Protocol: It is responsible for describing the public interface to a specific Web service. It includes WSDL (Web Service Description Language).
  • Discovery Protocol: It is responsible for providing a way to publish and find web services over the web. It includes UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration).

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