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typescript comparison operators tutorial

TypeScript Comparison Operators:

TypeScript comparison operators are used to compare the two operands.

TypeScript Comparison Operators List:

Operator Description Example
== Is equal to 10==30 = false
=== Identical (equal and of same type) 10==40 = false
!= Not equal to 20!=20 = true
!== Not Identical 20!==20 = false
> Greater than 30>10 = true
>= Greater than or equal to 40>=10 = true
< Less than 25<10 = false
<= Less than or equal to 25<=10 = false

TypeScript Comparison Operators Example:

var num1:number = 15;
var num2:number = 17;
console.log("Value of num1: "+num1); 
console.log("Value of num2 :"+num2);
var result = num1>num2 
console.log("num1 greater than num2: "+result)
result = num1<num2 
console.log("num1 lesser than num2: "+result)  
result = num1>=num2 
console.log("num1 greater than or equal to  num2: "+result)
result = num1<=num2
console.log("num1 lesser than or equal to num2: "+result)  
result = num1==num2 
console.log("num1 is equal to num2: "+result)  
result = num1!=num2  
console.log("num1 is not equal to num2: "+result)

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