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Thread life cycle in java

Thread life cycle:

  1. New.
  2. Runnable.
  3. Running.
  4. Blocked(Non-Runnable).
  5. Dead.


thread life cycle


1. New: A new thread is created but not working. A thread after creation and before invocation of start() method will be in new state.

2. Runnable: A thread after invocation of start() method will be in runnable state. A thread in runnable state will be available for thread scheduler.

3. Running: A thread in execution after thread scheduler select it, it will be in running state.

4. Blocked: A thread which is alive but not in runnable or running state will be in blocked state. A thread can be in blocked state because of suspend(), sleep(), wait() methods or implicitly by JVM to perform I/O operations.

5. Dead: A thread after exiting from run() method will be in dead state. We can use stop() method to forcefully killed a thread.
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