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JDBC Statement interface

The JDBC statement is used to execute queries against the database. Statement is an interface which provides the methods to execute queries. We can get a statement object by invoking the createStatement() method of Connection interface.

Statement stmt=conn.createStatement();

Commonly used methods of Statement interface:

1. execute(String SQL): It is used to execute SQL DDL statements.

public boolean execute(String SQL)

2. executeQuery(String SQL): It is used to execute the select query and returns an object of ResultSet.

public ResultSet executeQuery(String SQL)

3. executeUpdate(String SQL): It is used to execute the query like inset, update, delete etc. It returns the no. of affected rows.

public int executeUpdate(String SQL)

4. executeBatch(): It is used to execute the batch of commands.

public int[] executeBatch()

JDBC Statement examples:

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