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Python CouchDB Tutorial - CodesJava


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Python CouchDB Tutorial

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Python CouchDB

First, install the below packages, to connect with CouchDB by using the Python.

  • Python interpreter
  • CouchDB database
  • Python-CouchDB driver


Follow the below steps to connect with CouchDB by using the Python:

  • Install Python-CouchDB driver.
    # pip install couchdb
  • Start MongoDB Service
    # service couchdb start
  • Create a Python Script
    # vi

    import couchdb    
    couch = couchdb.Server()    
    db = couch.create('example')  
    print("Database Successfully Created.");  
    doc = {'name':'Students'} 
    print("Document Successfully Created.")  
    print("The name of the document is: "+doc['name'])  
  • Access CouchDB at the URL: http://localhost:5984/_utils.
  • Thus access the database on localhost.
  • Execute the Python Script
    # python
  • Access the created database and check the stored value.


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