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PHP Write File

Writing data in a file is another common feature of file handling. In PHP, there are various modes that facilitates different ways and features of writing data into a file, including: w, r+, w+, x, x+, c or c+ mode. PHP also supports some functions to write to a file.

PHP Write File functions are:

  • PHP fwrite()
  • PHP fputs()

PHP fwrite() function:

To write a file in PHP, fwrite() function is used.


int fwrite ( resource $filename , string $string )  

  • Filename: This parameter represents the name of the file to write to.
  • String: This parameter represents the string to be written.


<!DOCTYPE html>
$samplefile = fopen("phpfile.txt", "w");  
fwrite($samplefile, "Hello PHP!");  
$samplefile = fopen("phpfile.txt", "r");
echo fread($samplefile, filesize("phpfile.txt"));


Hello PHP!
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