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Override Java Annotation

@Override java annotation:

The @Override java annotation indicates that the subclass method is overriding the parent class method. Compile time error occurs if it not overrides the specified method. As override annotation is not mandatory to use while overriding the method so if we are not using override annotation it may be the case someone changed the name of the overridden method in the superclass. In that case subclass method would no longer override it. So we always have to use @Override annotation which signals the compiler that the method in the subclass is not overriding any method in the superclass.

package com.tutorialspointexamples;
class ParentClass{  
	void display(){
		System.out.println("Parent Class Display Method.");
public class SubClass extends ParentClass{
	void display(){
		System.out.println("Sub Class Display Method.");
	public static void main(String args[]){
		SubClass obj = new SubClass();


Sub Class Display Method.

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