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MCOCA full form

MCOCA:- Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act

Maharashtra Control of Organized Crime Act, 1999 or MCOCA is a law which is enacted by the state of India i.e. Maharashtra in the year 1999 to combat organized crime and terrorism. The MCOCA’s introduction gives an explanation that the present legal system, i.e. the penal and procedural laws and the system of adjudicatory, are observed to be somewhat insufficient to curb or control the threat of organized crime. This is the reason that the government has decided to implement a special law with stringent and deterrent provisions incorporating into specific conditions power to intercept wire, electronic or verbal communication to control the threat of organized crime.

This law is not like other normal laws, the confessions before senior officers of the police department are acceptable, not only against the accused giving the confession as well as against the other accused in a similar type of case. There is no way for granting the bail for 6 months to the accused.

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