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Typescript logical operators tutorial

Typescript Logical Operators:

Typescript logical operators are used to perform logical operations on the operands.

Typescript Logical Operators List:

&&Logical AND(20==40 && 20==30) = false
||Logical OR(20==40 || 20==30) = false
!Logical Not!(20==30) = true

TypeScript Logical Operators Example:

var avg:number = 20; 
var percentage:number = 90; 
console.log("Value of avg: "+avg+" ,value of percentage: "+percentage);
var result:boolean = ((avg>50)&&(percentage>80)); 
console.log("(avg>50)&&(percentage>80): ",result);
var result:boolean = ((avg>50)||(percentage>80)); 
console.log("(avg>50)||(percentage>80): ",result);
var result:boolean=!((avg>50)&&(percentage>80)); 
console.log("!((avg>50)&&(percentage>80)): ",result);

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