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JSON format and data types

JSON Syntax:

JSON syntax is a subset of the JavaScript object notation syntax. JSON syntax has following rules:
1. Data is represented in name/value pairs.
2. Data is separated by commas.
3. Curly braces hold objects and each object name is followed by colon.
4. Square brackets hold arrays.

JSON example:

    {"firstName":"Sandy", "lastName":"Sethi"},
    {"firstName":"Roxy", "lastName":"Malik"},
    {"firstName":"Sunil", "lastName":"Antil"}

JSON datatypes:

Data Type Description
Number It represents double-precision floating-point format in JavaScript
String It represents double-quoted Unicode with backslash escaping
Boolean It represents true or false
Array It represents an ordered sequence of values
Value it can be a string, a number, true or false, null etc
Object It represents an unordered collection of key:value pairs
Whitespace It can be used between any pair of tokens
null It represents empty

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