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JSF managed and backing bean

JSF managed bean:

A managed bean is a normal java bean class which contains data and business logic. A managed bean is managed by JSF framework and act as a model for JSF application. Before using a managed bean we have to configure it either in faces-config.xml file or using annotation.

JSF backing bean:

JSF backing bean is a managed bean which contains some or all values of a web form. It is normally for business logic.

Configure Managed Bean using faces-config.xml:

Note: We can create a different xml file for managed bean entries and put the entry of this xml file in web.xml under javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES initialize parameter.


Configure Managed Bean using annotation:

@ManagedBean annotation is used to mark a bean to be managed bean. Name attribute specify the managed bean name and if not specified then class name is taken as default managed bean name.

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