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jQuery submit()

The jQuery submit() method is used to attach a function to run when a submit event occurs i.e, when the user attempts to submit a form. This method is limited to <form> element.


To trigger the submit event for selected elements.


To add a function to the submit event.



  • It is an optional parameter.
  • The function parameter specifies the function to run when the event occurs.


Example 1

<!DOCTYPE html>
  p {  
	margin: 0;  
	color: blue;  
  div,p {  
	margin-left: 10px;  
  span {  
	color: red;  
  <script src=""></script>  
<p>Type 'codegente' to submit this form finally.</p>  
<form action="javascript:alert( 'success!' );">  
	<input type="text">  
	<input type="submit">  
$( "form" ).submit(function( event ) {  
  if ( $( "input:first" ).val() === "codegente" ) {  
	$( "span" ).text( "Submitted Successfully." ).show();  
  $( "span" ).text( "Not valid!" ).show().fadeOut( 2000 );  

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