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jQuery Events tutorial

jQuery events are the web detected actions. jQuery provides a number of event related methods. These methods are used to create dynamic web pages.


clickAttaches/Triggers the click event
dblclickAttaches/Triggers the double click event
mouseenterAttaches/Triggers the mouseenter event
mouseleaveAttaches/Triggers the mouseleave event
keyupAttaches/Triggers the keyup event
keydownAttaches/Triggers the keydown event
keypressAttaches/Triggers the keypress event
submitAttaches/Triggers the submit event
changeAttaches/Triggers the change event
blurAttaches/Triggers the blur event
focusAttaches/Triggers the focus event
loadAttaches an event handler to the load event
unloadAttaches an event handler to the unload event
scrollAttaches/Triggers the scroll event
resizeAttaches/Triggers the resize event



Event methods can be mainly classified into four types:

1. Mouse Events

  • click
  • dblclick
  • mouseenter
  • mouseleave

2. Keyboard Events

  • keyup
  • keydown
  • keypress

3. Form Events

  • submit
  • change
  • blur
  • focus

4. Document/Window Events

  • load
  • unload
  • scroll
  • resize


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