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It is a private network and belongs to a particular organization. It is exclusively designed for the use of an organization and its associates like customers, employees, and other people authorized by the organisation. Hence, it is a private internet that operates only within an organisation.

Security systems such as firewalls are used to protect it from unauthorized access. Intranet is based on the internet protocols (TCP/IP). In simple words, people using intranet have the access to use the internet but people using internet cannot access the intranet unless they are authorized to use it.


Few benefits of intranet are listed below:

  • A company can easily share its information, data and other relevant resources among its employees.
  • The workflow is speeded up and errors are reduced. Hence, efficiency of the company is enhanced.
  • It is economical and easy to run and implement.
  • Because of its secure nature, a company can freely store and develop applications that can help it support its business operations.
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