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Future Tense: Definition & Structure

Future tense has four types:

  • Future Indefinite Tense.
  • Future Continuous Tense.
  • Future Perfect Tense.
  • Future Perfect Continuous Tense.


Future Indefinite Tense:

Future indefinite tense is the simple future tense that indicates an action that is going to occur in the future.


Subject+ Shall/Will+ verb+


  • We will be going abroad for vacations this summer.
  • In a few years most of our work would be automated.
  • Smith will be arriving here in the evening.


Future Continuous Tense:

Future Continuous Tense defines an task that will be occurring at a particular time.


Subject+ shall/will+ be+ verb ending in -ing+ time


  • At 6pm tomorrow I will be attending a class.
  • I will be attending a wedding tonight.
  • While you finish your work I will be watching TV.


Future Perfect Tense:

When an action is decided to be performed on a specific time, it is called future continuous tense.


Subject + shall/will  + past participle


  • The movie will be releasing tomorrow at 12 PM.
  • Tomorrow morning we will be having an exam.
  • They will start renovating the office by next month.
  • Matthew will be calling a meeting on Monday.


Future Continuous Tense:

This tense is not used practically.

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