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Flow of C Program

Execution Flow of C Program:

Execution of a C Program is a step by step process which is discussed below.


Before compilation, the preprocessor starts processing the preprocessors directives first and generates an expanded source code.

Assembly Code:

The compiler than converts this expanded source code into an (.asm) assembly code.

Object Code:

After compilation, the assembler assembles the code and generates an (.obj) object code.

Executable Code:

After assembling, the linker links the object code to the library such as header files to convert it into an (.exe) executable code.

Console Display:

The final step is to load the executable code into memory via a loader. THe executable code is than executed and output is displayed on the console screen.


Hello.c                        Hello.i                         Hello.asm


Hello.obj                     Hello.exe                    CONSOLE

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