Easy learning with example program codes

First C Program

Lets print “Hello C” as the first C program and than understand it in detail.

#include <stdio.h>
void main()
printf ("Hello C!");


Hello C!


#include <stdio.h> :

“#include” is a preprocessor directive used to include a library file in the code. The header file “stdio.h” is included in the source code to use the pre-defined functions “printf” and “scanf”.

 void main() :

Void represents the data type of the main function which is a must for every C program.

 {} :

{} represents the opening and closing of the main function.

printf (“Hello C!”); :

The printf function outputs the string on the console screen.

Compilation and Execution:

Click on Compile menu and then on Run menu or click ctrl+F9 directly, both for compile and run.

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