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Family Solanaceae

It is commonly called the ‘Lily Family’. It is a characteristic representative of monocot plants. They have cosmopolitan distribution.




Vegetative characters

HabitatPerennial herbs with underground bulbs, corms or rhizomes.
StemHerbaceous or Woody, Aerial and Underground.
LeavesBasal, Alternate, Linear, Exstipulate With Parallel Venation
RootUsually adventitious, sometimes tuberous.

Floral characters

InflorescenceSolitary or cymose; Umbellate clusters.
FlowerBisexual, actinomorphic.
PerianthTepals six (3+3), United into a tube, Valvate Aestivation.
AndroeciumStamens six (3+3), Epipetalous.
GynoeciumTricarpellary, Syncarpous; Ovary superior, Trilocular, many ovules, Axile placentataion.
FruitCapsule, rarely berry.

Floral Formula:

Floral Diagram:

Economic Importance

Members of this group are widely used as ornamentals.

Food: Onion, Garlic, Asparagus.

Fibres: Yucca, Phormium tenax.

Medicine: Aloe vera, Gloriosa, Urginea, Asparagus, Smilax Colchicum.

Ornamental: Tulips, Lillies, Asparagus, Gloriosa, Yucca.


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