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Family Solanaceae

It is commonly called the potatao family. They are widely distributed in tropics, subtropics and temperate regions.

Vegetative characters

HabitatPlants mostly herbs, shrubs and rarely small trees.

StemHerbaceous, rarely Woody, Aerial; Erect, Cylindrical, Branched, Solid or Hollow, Hair or Glabrous, Underground stem in Potato (Solanum Tuberosum)
LeavesLeaves: alternate, simple, rarely pinnately compound, Exstipulate; venation reticulate.
RootBranched tap root system.




Floral characters

InflorescenceSolitary, axillary or cymose as in Solanum.
FlowerBisexual, actinomorphic.
CalyxSepals 5, United (gamosepalous), Persistent, Valvate Aestivation.
CorollaPetals 5, United (gamopetalous); Valvate Aestivation.
AndroeciumStamens 5, Epipetalous.
GynoeciumBicarpellary Obligately placed, Syncarpous; Ovary superior, Bilocular, Placenta swollen with many ovules, Axile placentataion.
SeedMany, Endospermous.

Floral Formula:


Floral Diagram:


Economic Importance

Members of this group yield vegetables, medicines and ornamentals.

Vegetables: Tomato, Brinjal, Potato, Chilli.

Medicine: Belladonna, Ashwagandha, Datura

Ornamental: Petunia (Queen Of The Night)


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