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Difference between Ant and Maven


Ant refers to the Another Neat Tool. Apache ant is the platform independent build tool for java application. It is basically used for building and deploying the java application but can be used for other repetitive tasks like creating files etc.


Apache maven is an advanced project management tool for java software projects which is based on POM (project object model). It uses POM (project object model) file to manage project’s build, dependency and documentation.

Difference between Ant and Maven:

Ant Maven
Ant doesn’t has formal conventions such as a common project directory, so we need to provide information of the project structure in build.xml file. Maven consists of conventions to place source code, compiled code etc. So we don’t need to provide information about the project structure in pom.xml file.
Ant is procedural, we have to specifically order what should have to be done. Maven is declarative, it takes care of all the directories once the files are stored in the pom.xml file.
Ant does not have a life cycle Maven has a life cycle.
Ant is a tool box. Maven is a framework.
Ant is mainly a build tool. Maven is mainly a project management tool.
The scripts in Ant are not reusable. The maven plugins are reusable.
Ant is less preferred than Maven. Maven is more preferred than Ant.

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