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D.Lit full form

D.Lit   – Doctor of Literature

Doctor of Litterarum or Doctor Litterarum is an academic degree, a higher doctorate which, in a few nations, might be considered to be equivalent to the Ph.D. and equivalent to the Doctor of Science. It is awarded in numerous nations by colleges and learned bodies in acknowledgment of accomplishment in the humanities, original commitment to the imaginative expressions or grant and different benefits. At the point when awarded without an application by the conferee, it is awarded as a honorary degree.

This course includes the study of literature from national and etymological traditions. This course gains value-based and an intercultural understanding of artistic and social practices. This course develops a viewpoint on literature extends social boundaries, national, and sequential periods.

Beneficiaries of the D.Litt have all contributed to knowledge in the humanities, have published academic articles and journals, and their original ideas have progressed human understanding in some profound way. The Degree of Doctor of Letters, is the most elevated Post-Doctoral degrees which are awarded to candidate who have prior acquired Ph.D. degree. A Post-Doctoral degree is awarded based on original and independent research in a specific discipline that has made distinct commitments to the advancement of knowledge, as evidenced by distributions in reviewed journals and are recognized by companions.

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