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CPP Storage Classes

A Storage class in CPP represents the scope of a variable within the program. The storage classes in CPP are discussed below:


Storage Classes Storage Place Default Value Scope Life-time Features
auto RAM Garbage Local Within function Default storage class.
extern RAM 0 Global Till the end of main program Visible to all the programs.
static RAM 0 Local Till the end of main program Retains value between multiple functions call.
register Register Garbage Local Within function Faster access than other variables.
mutable Garbage Local Within Class Used only for class data members.



#include <iostream.h>
using namespace std;
int demo()
static int i=0;
register int j=0;
auto k=0;
cout << "i = " << i << endl;    
cout << "j = " << j << endl;    
cout << "k = " << k << endl;   
return 0;
int main()
return 0;


i = 1
j = 1
k = 1
i = 2
j = 1
k = 1
i = 3
j = 1
k = 1
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