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WP Widget Management in WordPress

All-Inclusive Guide for WordPress Widgets Management

WordPress is absolutely simple to use and easier to implement. It makes many of us assume that it’d not have all … Read More

Writing Settings in WordPress



Use the Settings Writing Screen to manage the interface you use when writing new posts. These settings manage WordPress’s options within the adding and editing … Read More

View Plugins in WordPress

WordPress – View Plugins

In this article, you will get information, how to view Plugins in WordPress. Viewing Plugins allows you to enable and disable Plugins in … Read More

User Roles in WordPress

WordPress – User Roles


In this Article, you will know about the roles of users in WordPress. Every user has a responsibility in WordPress. These are … Read More

User Photo in WordPress

WordPress – User Photo


In this article, you will know about the User Photo in WordPress. You must install Plugin User Photo from WordPress plugins to … Read More

Reading Settings in WordPress


Front page displays – WordPress by default shows your blog posts on the front page of your website. that’s nice if you’re running a blog. If … Read More

Publish Posts in WordPress

WordPress – Publish Posts


Publish is used to make the post accessible to all the readers wherein every reader can view that particular Article. Publishing a … Read More

Publish Pages in WordPress

WordPress – Publish Pages

The command, “Publish” is used to make the pages accessible to all users wherein each user can see that selective page. Publishing a … Read More

Preview Posts in WordPress

WordPress – Preview Posts


Preview Post is to see the article before it is published to the user. It is reliable to preview your post and … Read More

Plugin Setting in WordPress

WordPress – Plugin Setting


The plugin allows to easily transform, customize or intensify WordPress blog or post. The WordPress Plugin is an application that can be uploaded … Read More

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