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What is @managedproperty jsf

The @ManagedProperty annotation is used for injecting a bean into a property of another bean. The @ManagedProperty annotation uses setter method of the bean which is used … Read More

Explain struts 2 request life cycle

1. When a request comes web container maps the request in the web.xml and calls the controller (FilterDispatcher).
2. FilterDispatcher calls the ActionMapper to find an Action … Read More

what is mvc in java?

MVC stands for Model-View-Controller design pattern which separates the business logic, presentation logic and navigation logic.
Model: is responsible for encapsulating the application data (POJO).
View:Read More

Struts 2 and tiles integration


A template is a predefined pattern or format used as a guide to making something.


A tile specifies a part of the whole page.

Generally … Read More

Struts 2 s:url and s:a data tags


The <s:url tag is used to generate an url string. It can take parameters.


<s:url value="urlString" var="varName" />


The <s:a> tag is used to … Read More

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