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How profiles are specified in maven?

Maven build profiles provides the facility to build project using different configurations. We can just specify a profile with the different build configuration and build the project … Read More

What are the types of maven plugins?

Maven plugin types:

  1. Build Plugins
  2. Reporting Plugins

Build Plugins:
Build plugins are executed at the build time. Build plugins should be declared inside the element.
Reporting Plugins:Read More

What is maven plugin used for?

A maven plugin represents a set of goals which provides the facility to add your own actions to the build process.

Syntax to execute a plugin:

Read More

What is remote repository in maven?

Maven remote repository is a repository on a web server. A remote repository can be located anywhere on the internet or inside a local network. We can … Read More

What is central repository in maven?

Maven central repository is created by the apache maven community itself. It contains a lot of commonly used libraries. By default Maven looks in this central repository … Read More

What is local repository in maven?

Maven local repository is a directory on the developer’s machine. It gets created when we run any maven command for the first time. It contain all the … Read More

Explain Maven repository search order

Maven repositories are directories of packaged JAR files with extra meta-data. The meta-data is represented by POM files. A repository contains all the project jars, library jar, … Read More

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