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what is dirty read in jdbc?

In typical database transactions, say one transaction reads and changes the value while the second transaction reads the value before committing or rolling back by the first … Read More

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what is 2 phase commit in jdbc?

When we work in distributed systems where multiple databases are involved, we are required to use 2 phase commit protocol. 2 phase commit protocol is an atomic … Read More

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how to implement connection pooling in jdbc?

If you use an application server like WebLogic, WebSphere, jBoss, Tomcat. , then your application server provides the facilities to configure for connection pooling. If you are … Read More

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what is connection pooling in jdbc?

Connection Pooling is a technique used for reuse of physical connections and reduced overhead for your application. Connection pooling functionality minimizes expensive operations in the creation and … Read More

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what is blob and clob data type?

The blob and clob datatypes in JDBC are used to store large amount of data into database like images, movie etc which are extremely large in size.… Read More

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Explain jdbc Savepoint

A savepoint represents a point that the current transaction can roll back to. Instead of rolling all of its changes back, it can choose to roll back … Read More

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How to rollback a jdbc transaction?

We can rollback the transaction by using rollback() method of Connection object. It will rollback all the changes made by the transaction and release any database locks … Read More

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