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Generics constructor

Generics constructor in java example: A constructor can be declared as generic, independently of whether the class that the constructor is declared in is itself generic. A… Read More

Generics methods in java example

Generics method in java example: The methods which can handle different types of arguments are known as generic methods. Types of the argument are specified on method… Read More

Generics class example

Generics class in java and generics interface in java: Generic classes/interfaces have the class name followed by a type parameter section. Type parameter section of can have… Read More

Lower bounded wildcard in generics

Lower bounded wildcard: Java generics lower bounded wildcard : Lower bounded wildcard is used to restrict the unknown type to be a specific type or a super… Read More

Upper bounded wildcard in generics

Upper bounded wildcard: Java generics upper bounded wildcard : Upper bounded wildcard is used to restrict the unknown type to be a specific type or a subtype… Read More

Unbounded wildcard in generics

Unbounded wildcard: Java generics unbounded wildcards : Unbounded wildcard is used for list of unknown types using ‘?’(Type is not bounded). Syntax: List<?> Let us consider the… Read More

Wildcard in generics

Wildcard: In generics ‘?’ is known as wildcard and it represents an unknown type. Types of wildcard: Unbounded wildcard. Bounded wildcard. Upper bounded wildcard. Lower bounded wildcard.… Read More

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