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NREP full form

NREP:- National Rural Employment Programme

NREP stands for National Rural Employment Programme. It was launched in October 1980 and became a regular plan programs in April 1981. … Read More

NRDC full form

NRDC:- National Research and Development Corporation

NRDC stands for National Research Development Corporation. It was established by the Government of India in 1953 with the object to … Read More

NRAI full form

NRAI:- National Rifle Association of India

NRAI stands for the National Rifle Association of India and was founded in the year 1951. It was established with a … Read More

NPT full form

NPT:- Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty

NPT stands for Non-Proliferation Treaty or The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. It is an international treaty which aims to prevent … Read More

NPP full form

NPP:- National Population Policy

NPP stands for National Population Policy. After the adoption of the National Health Policy by the government in 1983, which gave importance to … Read More

NPL full form

NPL:- National Physical Laboratory

NPL stands for National Physics Laboratory. It is the National Metrology Institute of India and a Premier Research Laboratory in the field of … Read More

NEERI full form

NEERI:- National Environment Engineering Research Institute

NEERI stands for National Environmental Engineering Research Institute which is a research institute created and funded by the Government of India. … Read More

NDPDC full form

NDPDC:- National Drugs and Pharmaceutical Development Council

NDPDC is the acronym for National Drugs and Pharmaceutical Development Council. It is a part of the Department of Pharmaceuticals … Read More

NDF full form

NDF:- National Defense Fund

NDF is the acronym for National Defense Fund which was established in the year 1962 for the promotion of voluntary donations in either … Read More

NDDB full form

NDDB:- National Dairy Development Board

NDDB stands for National Dairy Development Board which was set up on 16th July 1965 under an act of Parliament. It is … Read More

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