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Angularjs custom service tutorial

AngularJS services: In AngularJS, a service is a function which is used to perform specific task. AngularJS provides many inbuilt services like $http, $route, $window, $location etc.… Read More

Angularjs internationalization tutorial

Internationalization: Internationalization is the process of designing a software application in such a way so that it can potentially be adapted to various languages and regions without… Read More

Angularjs dependency injection tutorial

Dependency Injection (DI): Dependency Injection (DI) is a design pattern that implements inversion of control principle for resolving dependencies. It allows a programmer to remove hard coded… Read More

Angularjs include html tutorial

Angularjs include html: HTML does not support embedding html pages within html page. But we can achieve this functionality using AngularJS. AngularJS provides the ng-include directive to… Read More

Angularjs custom validations tutorial

Angularjs custom validations: AngularJS provides the facility to create the custom validations. We have to add a new directive to our application and provide the validation logic… Read More

Angularjs custom filters tutorial

Angularjs custom filters: AngularJS provides the facility to create the custom filters. Custom filters are created using “filter” function. Example Explanation: The ng-app directive initializes the application.… Read More

Angularjs custom directives tutorial

Angularjs custom directives: AngularJS provides the facility to create the custom directives. Custom directives extends the functionality of HTML. Custom directives are created using “directive” function. AngularJS… Read More

Angularjs form validation tutorial

Validation: Validation is a process of checking something against a standard. AngularJS validation: AngularJS provides client-side form validation. AngularJS provides the facility to get the current state… Read More

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