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AVARD is an outstanding open, common, non-political, non-party, non-benefit national affiliation. Ti is of 328 self-sufficient willful offices occupied with country improvement all through India. In accordance with the suggestion of a course on ‘The Role of Voluntary Agencies in Rural Development’ held in New Delhi on 20-22 April 1956. AVARD appeared in 1958 to give a national level basic stage of willful offices spread the nation over. It was promoted in 1958 by a gathering of flexibility warriors and prominent national pioneers who had disavowed control/constituent governmental issues and stayed put in individuals’ activity to modify India amid the post-Independence period.

AVARD was special to have JP as its President for around two decades. His moving authority demonstrated a mainstay of quality and gave the colossal fillip to intentional activity all through the nation. Profoundly impacted by its beginning and promoters, AVARD’s vision without bounds is that of a free, self-governing, confident, non-exploitative, populist Indian culture, with negligible reliance on the State. Such a general public would naturally shape itself and act as per the idea of ‘Gram Swaraj’, in which neighborhood independence, activity, intelligence, try and assets would assume the key part.

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