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AngularJs controller tutorial

AngularJs controller:

AngularJS controllers are used to control the data and flow of AngularJS applications. The ng-controller directive is used to define the AngularJS controller. AngularJS controllers are JavaScript Objects containing attributes or properties and functions. Each AngularJS controller accepts $scope as a parameter which refers to the application or module which is to be controlled by controller.


<div ng-app = "" ng-controller = "controllerName">

Example Explanation:

First include the AngularJS library in the application. The ng-app directive initializes the application. The ng-model directive binds the state of the input text to the respective name variables (student.firstName and student.lastname). The ng-controller=”appController” directive defines the controller. The appController defined as a JavaScript object with $scope as argument. The $scope.student is property of appController object. In $scope.student.fullName we are getting the combined name (firstName + lastName).
Note: We can also store controllers in external files .JS file and refer that file in the html page.


    <title>Angular Controller Example</title>
    <script src = 
      <h2>AngularJS Controller Example</h2>
      <div ng-app = "testApp" ng-controller = "appController">
         Enter first name: 
         <input type = "text" ng-model = "student.firstName">
         Enter last name: 
         <input type = "text" ng-model = "student.lastName">
        Entered Value: {{student.fullName()}}
         var mainApp = angular.module("testApp", []);
         mainApp.controller('appController', function($scope) {
            $scope.student = {
               firstName: "Vivek",
               lastName: "Solenki",
               fullName: function() {
                  var studentObject;
                  studentObject = $scope.student;
                  return studentObject.firstName + " "
                                + studentObject.lastName;

Try it:

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