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Ajax http request example

Ajax refers to asynchronous java script and xml. It is not a not a programming language. Ajax is of Asynchronous type. It normally uses XML, plain text or JSON to communicate with server i.e. for data transfer.

Note: Ajax is technology independent.

As we discussed in previous tutorial that XMLHttpRequest object is used for communication between client and server.

The open() and send() methods of the XMLHttpRequest object are used to send a request to a server.


Method Description
open(method,url,async,user,psw) It specifies the request.
method: the request type GET or POST
url: the file location
async: true (asynchronous) or false (synchronous)
user: optional user name
psw: optional password
send() It sends the request to the server. It is used for GET requests
send(string) It sends the request to the server. It is used for POST requests



Example:"GET", "test.txt", true);
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